What are the Pattern Guides?

What does a Type 1 animated pattern look like? How blended should a Type 2 pattern be? What's the difference between Type 3 edgy and Type 4 bold?

The answers are easy to see with this set of 4 Pattern Guides.

These cards feature collections of shapes and contrast to help you recognize patterns for your Type of beauty. If a pattern looks like it could be added as the next square on the card, it's probably perfect for your Type.

On the front: Each Type's shapes and contrast to train your eye for pattern.

On the back: A collection of colors—like a bonus Style Guide!

*Note: Pattern Guides are also included in the Before & After Support Kit. If you'd like this set of cards in a carrier, along with a set of Style Guides, order the full Support Kit here: [link to support kit product]

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