How do I cancel my Lifestyle subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please visit and go to the account tab from Shop or from Blog Account Menus.


Click on the Lifestyle Membership Tab. Then click on the cancel option.


For further help canceling your account, please email us at


Subscription Cancelation and Refund Policy

You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time. To do so, visit your account area. We do not refund for past months that you were subscribed, but we do stop all future monthly charges as soon as you cancel. If you contact our Support team within 5 days of beginning a monthly subscription, we will issue a full, one-time courtesy refund. 

Canceling an annual membership in your account area will cancel automatic renewal for your next annual charge. Your membership will remain active through the end of the yearly subscription that you paid in advance. No refund is issued. However, you may receive a refund if you cancel during the first 30 days of your annual subscription. To do so, please write directly to our Support team at

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