Can I buy different Type products even if I am not that Type?

Yes. However, if you are a Type 2℠ and want to buy Type 3℠ products for yourself you will not be Dressing Your Truth® and will be out of harmony with your energetic movement; it will not support you for your very best look. You can buy any products you want to and we encourage buying gifts from our online Dressing Your Truth® store for family and friends specific for their Type of Beauty.

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    Beautyshop72 Jl

    I feel like a type three, but I act like a type two, any suggestions

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    Kristine Bolstridge

    Thank you for the question and your interest in determining your Type of beauty. We recommend following the Steps to Determine Your Type at This resource was specifically created by Carol and her team of Experts to support you in the process. Please email if you have questions. Thank you!

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