How is the Beginner's Guide different than other Color Analysis programs, such as the "Seasons" color program?

Other Color Analysis Programs refer to your skin tone and eye color in determining which "Season" or color group you would follow. Carol's Beginner's Guide looks at more than your skin and eye color in determining your unique Type of Beauty. In the Dressing Your Truth® program, you look at your facial features, body language, and your personality and behavior characteristics to determine your Type of Beauty. We feel that this is a more accurate process to determine your Type of Beauty because you are taking into consideration all of who you are (facial features, body language, personality), and not only a few aspects (hair, eye and skin color).

Another difference is that other Color Analysis Programs teach you only about what "Season" or color group looks best on you. Color is only one aspect of the Dressing Your Truth® program. When you learn how to dress your truth, you are taught what design lines, textures, fabrications, patterns, and colors look best for you. This creates an entire look and gives you more insight as to what best supports your unique Type of Beauty.

If you have learned another Color Analysis program previous to learning your Type of Beauty, we encourage you to look beyond the ideas taught in those programs and experience Carol's Free Beginner's Guide with fresh eyes. Your experience will be enhanced as you do so and you will learn so much more about your unique Type of Beauty.

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