What are the 5 Components of Style?

One of the areas that Carol brings to our attention and teaches about, is making sure that we have all 5 Components of Style in place. She and her team of Experts teach about this in our Lifestyle membership.

The 5 components Carol teaches about include:

1. Clothes
2. Accessories
3. Hairstyle
4. Makeup
5. Health & Well-being

Carol teaches that when we work on cultivating these components in alignment with our nature, the congruence is amazing, and will make us feel our best (not to mention, look our best!) Sometimes when one or more of these aspects are missing, we can feel or look "off" because we may be incorporating parts, but are still not balanced on the whole. Of course, all of this is not done overnight, but it's something that evolves as you progress through the course resources and discover your beauty-sixth sense.

Thank you for embracing this journey through Dressing Your Truth® to establish your personal style. To learn more and start creating your personal style, join Lifestyle today.

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